About Us

Welcome to Sammy May’s BeerBQ Sauce’s website. We are a small batch manufacturer of beerbq sauce. It’s like barbecue sauce, but better because we make it with beer…the true Wisconsin way!

Sammy May’s BeerBQ Sauce is a 30 year family recipe that started when Sammy’s dad owned his first brewery. He wanted to put his craft beer in the recipe and sell it in their tasting room. However, with two back to back years of floods, the brewery was sold except the barbecue sauce recipe. He perfected the recipe over the years and Sammy grew up with her dad making the sauce for family parties, Christmas gifts, birthday gifts and good home cooked meals.

In March of 2023, Sammy was laid off from her corporate job of 3 years. She took some time off and went on a trip to Mexico to figure out what she wanted to do next. When she returned from her trip refreshed and energized, she called her dad. She asked him if she could take his recipe and sell it. He gave her the thumbs up and wished her the best on her new venture. 

Fast forward to now, Sammy May’s BeerBQ Sauce is selling like rapid fire at farmer’s markets and online across SouthEast Wisconsin and the USA. She sells the bottles individually, by growlers or by cases. Take a look around and place an order today! Cheers!